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Meet our founder
Andrea Mesis-Bruno

Andrea’s entire career was forged by talking big risks on a road rarely traveled by women. Starting from graduating second in her class at the Police Academy to providing a safe environment for 9/11 survivors in the days and weeks after their escape from the Towers, Andrea has always succeeded in unlikely roles typically held by men. Today, Andrea works as a skilled business development, sales, and marketing executive supporting contractors, developers, property managers, and business owners to scale their businesses and continue to build the ever changing NYC skyline.


Andrea was named one of New York City's Notable Hispanic Leaders and Executives
Our team

Our team is constructed of experienced business development, sales, and marketing professionals from New York, New Jersey, and beyond. In addition to our boots-on-the-ground local team, we also have a hand-picked team of remote professionals ready to support our clients at a moments notice.

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